Car Detailing Secrets

Welcome to JK Motorsport! Today, we’re going to train a new employee. Although washing a car isn’t luxurious, it’s important in the car detailing process. We’re going to begin in the prep bay of the detailing shop. While we are learning one of the most basic aspects of car detailing, we cannot skip this step at JK Motorsport.

When training our new employees, we begin with the car detailing process. At the beginning of the process, we commence with a simple hand wash. Typically, JK Motorsport begins with a wash to avoid scratches. If we didn’t wash the car, then we’d instill scratches, swirl marks, and debris into the vehicle’s paint. Unfortunately, the paint surface is very delicate. When we touch a car without proper prep work, we could cause severe damage to the paint. We don’t wash cars to enhance the appearance, yet washing cars minimizes the risk of damaging the paintwork.  

After detailing cars for years, we’ve learned the difference between a maintenance wash and detailing prep. Naturally, a car detailing professional wants to clean the car as much as possible. However, there is certain debris that won’t clean with normal washing. If you’ve ever had tree sap on your car, then you’d realize normal washing doesn’t always do the trick. Unfortunately, debris may be tough to remove. Regardless of debris, we strive to deliver consistent results when washing vehicles.

At JK Motorsport, our professionals follow a wash process. First, we rinse the vehicle with a pressure washer. When detailing cars, pressure washers are great tools to use! If you’re rinsing your vehicle at home, then you should begin with the wheel wells, wheels, and rims. Additionally, the pressure washing tip shouldn’t be closer than a foot to the paint. If you follow this tip, then you should avoid damaging the car paint. Also, you want to be aware of sensitive areas on the vehicle like convertible tops. 

As we mentioned earlier, we begin the washing process with the wheels. First, we clean the face of the rim with a microfiber towel. Instead of using brushes, we prefer a microfiber towel to avoid scratching the rims. After cleaning the rims, we use a bristle brush to clean the outside of the tire. Although this is just a maintenance wash, we are focused on enhancing the appearance of the vehicle. If you’re happy with the wheels, then you should start working on the body of the car.

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